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You Can Be Beautiful Beyond Breast Cancer is Leslie Spencer’ personal story.  She is a professor of health and exercise science who trained for and competed in her first women’s figure competition during treatment for breast cancer.  In You Can Be Beautiful Beyond Breast Cancer, Leslie offers humor and  honesty as she encourages fellow cancer survivors to set and reach their personal goals. Following sound and practical guidelines, she provides fitness and nutrition strategies to enable cancer survivors to reach new levels of wellness during and after treatment. While accessible to lay audiences, it is grounded in evidence-based practice and will benefit health professionals who work with cancer survivors.

“Courage is being afraid and doing it anyway.” This book will inspire and encourage you.


Ultra Marathon Training offers training plans, mental training, and nutritional advice; all the information an ultra marathoner needs to know. The main section of the book gives fun runners and ambitious runners alike a knowledgeable introduction. It enables them to draw up a structured training plan for the ultra distances. Runners are provided with plans for 50km 100km, 24hr. They are also given plans for multi-day races and shown how to achieve these performances. They are shown that the training required is also possible for interested Marathon runners, and is not so very different from good Marathon training. They are given information on correct nutrition, orthopedic problems, typical injuries and even mental training, thus providing an optimal preparation for successful ultra running.


Written in an engaging style, The Dark Side of Sports is a must read with messages not only for athletes, coaches, managers, and administrators, but also for parents, women, students, and sports enthusiasts. While these important discoveries are certain to shock, raise awareness, and provide a wake-up call for those in and outside of the sports world, they also promote a sense of urgency for taking action to prevent and address these harmful behaviors.


Kettlebell Conditioning helps to steer you through essential foundational exercises, key movement, and swing patterns prior to undertaking more complex power drills using both single and double kettlebells. With this book, you can condition every part of your body by working out with kettlebells, and the Body Coach, Paul Collins, shows you how!

Every good exercise program starts with a method. In Kettlebell Conditioning, Coach Paul Collins has developed the 4-Stage BodyBell™ that allows you to learn the basic strength and swing pattern drills before more complex power-oriented movement patterns.


Aikido is a highly developed martial art form. It is based on standardized principles. In this book, Aikido: The Basics, you are offered numerous examples of movements that will help explain the standardized principles. Both the theoretical background and the method of learning Aikdo are clearly explained. For example chapters are dedicated to hand movements, foot movements, learning the role of Uke, and so much more.  In this way, Aikdo: The Basics will hold the interest of advanced pupils in addition to extending help to beginners students alike.  This book is loaded with photographs demonstrating proper positioning and movement.


Athletic Abs works like magic to strengthen your core.  The Body Coach­® ,Paul Collins, Australia’s Personal Trainer™, takes the guesswork out of training. He expertly guides you through elite level of abdominal training progressions. Included in this book are the top 10 exercises of all time using body weight, medicine balls, fitness balls and strength training drills alike. He does this by using all planes of motion. Collins offers pre- exercise set-up to prepare you for the workout. Each drill provides a different effect on the abs.  Also included in Athletic Abs are sports-specific abdominal training programs, balance sports, ball sports, golf, martial arts, racquet and bat sports, running sports, and swimming. There is bound to be a sport included that you love, and will enjoy working on more. However, all the instructions and exercises in this book will build your abs. Illustrations, diagrams, and photos will show you proper posture and position for the various exercises.

In Learning Horseback Riding, you will get to meet this little horse named Max. He will introduce you and your children to the entertaining sport of horseback riding. Learning Horseback Riding is written in a way that allows children to pick up the book and read it on their own. The fun illustrations in this book lend to easier and quicker learning. It includes interesting ideas and inquisitive puzzles. The kids are also given the opportunity to color some of the images. Your kids can also mark in the book and fill-in the blanks, which will aid in their understanding of horseback riding. Learning Horseback Riding is the ideal companion for those who are just starting out with their first riding lessons.


Everyone needs to know how to swim. It is important for children to learn how to swim. Teach them at a young age, and they will have a talent they will never lose. Besides, one never knows when the knowledge of how to tread water or swim will come in handy. Not only is moving around in the water a healthy practice, but it’s fun and playful too. Safe water activities also take away fears. Learning Swimming is written for children who want to, simply put, learn how to swim. From getting used to the water to important rules for swimming, this book covers it.


Building on the book Learning Fencing, this book, Training Fencing explains how to train for the techniques and tactics in the sport of fencing and shows why fencers must improve their endurance, strength, and speed. Young fencers learn to go beyond practice bouts and enrich their training with exercises that may seem to have nothing at all to do with fencing. They discover how important it is to warm up before training and competitions and learn why an athlete gets stiff muscles.