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Trim Size: 7.7” x 10”
Page Count: 502
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Illustrations: 800 color
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If you are a walking beginner, and advance walker or a casual walker who enjoys a walk with friends, this is the right book for you. Based on 400 scientific studies about walking and Nordic Pole Walking, The Ultimate Nordic Pole Walking Book offers a deep and comprehensive insight into the benefits that are accomplished because of Nordic Pole Walking and walking exercises.  This book teaches the correct technique for Pole Walking and walking exercises. It explains the body’s physiological adaptation to achieve your fitness and health goals with this easy-to-perform, low impact exercises.  It describes how Nordic Pole Walking , a sport that incorporates more than 90 percent of all body muscles, can prevent and help cure most common health disorders, like obesity, back pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and more.


Acrobatics for Children & Teenagers teaches the experience, the biomechanics, the exercises, the performances and the how-to’s of acrobatics. Acrobatics are exciting to both children and teenagers alike. It challenges them to risk their equilibrium together and build human formations. Acrobatics also requires young people to keep the team spirit and cooperate with each other. Many of the spectacular human pyramids and partner balances are easy to learn and considerable progress can be made in a short period of time.



 Sling Training features 15 sport-specific programs by world-class athletes, coaches, and physical therapists. Whether you do golf, soccer, or snowboarding, you will improve your game by adding suspension training to your workouts.

Taekwondo Kids is the first practical guide to the Korean Martial Arts System of Taekwondo and has been specially written with children and youths in mind.  It serves as an accompaniment to training as well as providing an introduction to this particular sport. Using simple, easily understood language and numerous appropriate illustrations suitable for children and youths, all the exercises can be carried out or practiced without any difficulty.

The readers are introduced to special characters who will be with them throughout the book. They will meet 9 year old Kira, 12 year old Mike, Joanne who is 11 years old, 10 year old Farid, and Suko, who is the oldest at 13 years. Because these characters are all at different training levels, they will be able to show the reader different techniques based on their level and which ones will take them to the next grade. Taekwondo Kids is beautifully illustrated and four-color throughout.


In Your Personal Running Journal Jeff Galloway tells how to set up a successful training program to avoid injury, improve endurance and run faster, and gives you a place to record your running and racing notes for future reference. 



Walking – The Complete Book has a world of information that will make you want to walk every day, as it helps you improve the experience. This book explains how to keep moving forward – for life.


The Ultimate Parkour & Freerunning Book shows the increasing number of followers of the two movement cultures Parkour and Freerunning, as well as the recent development of more diverse and demanding techniques, have given rise to the need for safe, methodical orientation, which the reader finds in this book. Parkour & Freerunning catches on more and more followers throughout the world.


The 4-4-2 System – Endorsed by the NSCAA – covers everything a coach needs to know about how to coach soccer’s 4-4-2 system successfully.


Technique Swim Workouts is the first book in a three book series by Coach Blythe Lucero. The author believes that it is best for a swimmer to workout with a coach present.

Inside the pages of this book you will find 100 workouts that focus on improving general swimming efficiency, with specific workouts for each of the competitive swimming stokes. The workouts in this book blend swimming drills and conditioning sets that total up to 2,000 yards/meters. Each workout is accompanied by a Focus Point to help swimmers zero in on stroke improvements by eliminating drag, improving feel for the water, and swimming in a core-centered manner.