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Fit, Strong, Lean provides the best, no excuses, exercises that will get anyone at any fitness level into their best shape. Mike Diehl—a soldier in the German military—has spent decades training world-class athletes, actors, and politicians, and he presents his best exercises in this book.


Training players in circular playing fields develops and improves their game competence. Circle Soccer Training contains an integrated game concept and provides varied training exercises for fast implementation in training practice that will benefit all players at any level.


Mental Toughness for Runners gives the reader highly effective methods for successful mental training, including self-coaching, well-founded training psychology, and thought-provoking strategies for self-reflection. The mental training presented in this book has been proven successful by numerous coaching sessions and by endurance athletes throughout the world who have achieved significant and often dramatic achievements after improving their motivation, performance, and well-being with this mental training.


A contemporary analysis of American women in soccer, War and Cleats reveals a contested terrain in which numbers of young athletes are growing rapidly. Female athletes and coaches are seen as positive cultural icons of gender progress with vast unlimited potential, yet little is known about their lived, everyday experiences in these often male-dominated soccer environments.


The Women’s World Cup 2019 Book has it all. For those wondering which teams will be participating in the 2019 Women’s World Cup, which are the up-and-coming players to watch out for, what the coaches’ strategies will be, or what the games in France will look like, look no further. The Women’s World Cup 2019 Book is a fun, informative guide to the soccer World Cup in France. 


KRAVolution—the official trainer for the French Foreign Legion.
Krav Maga is a modern and proven self-defense system. Easy to learn because it is based on natural reflexes, it is extremely efficient to use against one or more attackers. There is only one goal: to survive violent conflicts as unscathed as possible. Developed by the Israeli army and formerly an insider tip in military training, this close combat system is booming worldwide. Krav Maga is not a traditional or competitive martial art but pure self-defense. It’s all about survival. Its techniques are constantly developed and adapted to current threat situations.


Integrated Periodization in Sports Training & Athletic Development considers the large problem of training specialists working in isolation and builds a case for integrated periodization as conceived by Tudor Bompa. The book begins by defining periodization as a specific theory and methodology, historically detailing how the term was formally derived, differentiating it from the current view of periodization as a Russian concept. Next, the authors clarify some common misconceptions of periodization by integrating evidence-based practice with emphasis on sports nutrition, psychological preparation, and training methodology.


Chapa Wellness Map: A Systematic Approach to Physical Activity redefines the three terms that are indispensable for the future of physical activity and sports: wellness, fitness, and high performance. These are the three fundamental concepts for this new system that will bring inactive people out of their sedentary lifestyle, will be a model for the sports industry, and will be a basis for a world classification system of the different levels of physical activity.


Quick Guide to Choosing Your College Major is an easy-to-use guide moves from self-assessment to information to decision making. The decision-making process begins with an explanation of what a college major is and what should be considered when making a decision. The next chapters offer three quick exercises to help readers clarify dimensions that are relevant to the choice of a major: their personality type, their strongest skills, and their favorite high school courses. Using the results of these exercises, readers construct a “hot list” of the college majors that seem to suit them the most, plus any others that look interesting. Then they explore their possible choices by reading fact-packed descriptions of 61 popular college majors and the 164 occupations and 95 job specializations linked to these majors.


Unforgettable Soccer is a fun book about soccer. Rather than putting the magnifying glass on great champions and memorable matches, it instead examines the more obscure tales from soccer, rescuing incredible feats and masterful mistakes from oblivion—incredible feats such as the soccer player who scored all four goals in a game that ended 2-2. Or crazy stories about a Danish referee who stopped a match to look for the dentures he had lost. The reader will even find a story about a defender who was reprimanded even though he was already dead!