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Contemporary Swim Start Research is a conference book that includes contemporary reports and corresponding studies on swim starts. Young scientists from all over the world have conducted these swim starts with varying topics that relate to individual starts from the block, backstroke starts, and relay starts highlighting different aspects and phases of the corresponding movement behavior. Most of the reports published in Contemporary Swim Start Research have been presented during the 2015 Young Experts Workshop of Swim Start Research supported by the Federal Institute of Sport Science in Germany.


In Train Your Fascia Tone Your Body, you will learn the successful method to form firm connective tissue. Fascia are a building network in our body that gives us support, structure, and form. Whether a thigh looks tightly stretched or rather like jelly basically depends on the tone of the fibrous connective tissue the fascia which surrounds it. Therefore, we must train fascia in addition to muscles. Only then do we have a well-formed and firm body shape, and training fascia is the only consistent way to get rid of cellulite, bat wings, and a flabby bottom. Not only does training your fascia ensure a fit body, but it also enables you to move with juvenile elasticity, easily and painlessly.


Olympian and running expert, Jeff Galloway has spent more than 50 years developing, practicing, evaluating, and teaching his Run Walk Run® method. He is now partnering with two primary care physicians, Ruth M. Parker and Carmen Patrick Mohan. They have over 50 years of clinical practice experience. Both physicians use Galloway’s Run Walk Run® method to achieve their own health goals and regularly prescribe this effective method to patients with common chronic health conditions. This team of experts have written The Women’s Guide to Health. This action guide combines Galloway’s Run Walk Run® programs with the best available medical knowledge for using Run Walk Run®.


How does a team and a coach, who were nearly forgotten three years ago, achieve the impossible? How do they rise to the top and conquer the Premier League, the toughest league in the world? Claudio Ranieri: T(h)inkerman offers the answer to those questions. Everyone is entitled to dream big after Claudio Ranieri’s miracle with Leicester City. Sports reporter, Aris Gatas, has followed Ranieri’s course over the last two years, collecting exclusive interviews and reports and using them to create this detailed biography of Ranieri.


More than Ninety Minutes is an analysis of tactics, signings, managers, players, and club directors’ decisions. Based on real examples taken from recent soccer history, the author, Alejandro Perez, dissects the mistakes that are made  along with their successes. He then examines how their actions on and off the pitch impacted their play and their trophy cabinets. It is a critical account arising from a weekly study made over the course of ten years of the top European leagues and clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico de Madrid, Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, and Borussia Dortmund. 


The Leadership Code explores that unconventional notion of personal leadership and blends it with the conventional perception of telling the journey of Paul “Whitey” Kapsalis, who grew into leadership roles in sports, business, and other areas of his life from his own experiences and through the observations of people he encountered on his path. He calls them exceptional everyday leaders.


Learning Fencing is written in a style that kids can easily understand. With motivating illustrations included, the reader will find retaining the information is easy even for the youngest of athletes in mind. Learning Fencing invites children to complete individual tasks, it also has puzzles to solve and questions to answer. Included also are drawings to complete.  It’s an activity book as well as an instructional book.


Creative Soccer Training is the sequel to the top-selling book, The Soccer Games and Drills Compendium. The authors have extended their realistic training approach to present 350 new and innovative training exercises. With its tried and tested format, Created Soccer Training continues and enhances the practice-oriented methods outlined in the Games and Drills Compendium, but in this book the methods are developed for more ambitious and advanced players.


Arthur Lydiard is known as the greatest track coach of all times. Since the outstanding success of his New Zealand athletes Snell, Halberg and Magee at the 1960 Rome Olympics, Arthur Lydiard’s name has been synonymous with the best training methods used by the world s top middle and long distance runners. His schedules precipitated an athletic revolution, stressing as they did physiological conditioning as a prerequisite to sporting effort, and long-duration even-pace running at a strong speed as the means of achieving this.


Lamar Lowery and Chris Lowery are experts in functional training. Together, they have teamed up to write Functional Fitness at Home where they give you effective exercises that can easily be done at home or outside using your own body weight. But that’s not all, you can also use small exercise equipment. The workouts and training circuits are compiled in such a way that a fitness enthusiast can use them and attain desired results.  Beginners need not shy away because these workouts have also been structured for beginners to achieve good and visible results while improving their performance considerably.