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Did you know that soccer is the most widely played sport in the world? It is true. Soccer has over a a billion players. The simple reasons for its success are these: All you need to play a fun game of soccer is an open space and a ball.  That’s it.  Here’s where this book comes in. Soccer for Kids is an illustrated guide with pictures kids will not only love but understand. It has a simple approach to the sport aimed at children and young teens.


Anatomy & Yoga is a complete work that introduces the yoga tradition from a practical and scientific point of view. It is aimed at students, teachers, people who practice yoga, and those who want to familiarize themselves with this millennia-old practice.


All About Pressing in Soccer provides a detailed look at the history, theory, and practice of pressing in soccer. With this comprehensive resource, the coach and player will improve their understanding of the game, making them stronger and more successful as a coach or player.


Runners know there’s a profound truth behind the old joke: Running is fifty percent physical and ninety percent mental. The Mindful Runner focuses on the mental side of running. It thoroughly explores the complex landscape of the runner’s mind, offering fresh perspectives on how to get the most out of yourself while enjoying the journey along the way.


Making that last-minute effort to have a flat belly and firm arms for a strapless wedding dress? Every woman dreams of looking perfect on one of the most important days of her life. After all, she doesn’t want to be upset about those little problem areas on the stomach, legs, or butt when looking at her wedding photos. So listen up, Brides, because we are bringing you good news! The Perfect Wedding Workout is here just in time for you to start to work on any problem areas or areas you would like to make even stronger before your dream wedding. Michael Limmer, personal trainer to female celebrities, has developed The Perfect Wedding Workout. This at-home exercise and fitness program is designed specifically for the needs of the bride-to-be and can easily be integrated into any stressful part of the wedding planning as an exercise routine. The different performance levels allow every bride to work out at her own level, and after only 10 weeks, she will be looking in the mirror at her dream body.


The Well-Rounded Soccer Coach is a unique book about coaching soccer. The author, Ashu Saxena, shares the wisdom to coaching that he has learned through the years. In this book he offers successful secrets for long-term player development, which is a current hot topic in the soccer world. The Well-Rounded Soccer Coach is a special resource that combines credibility, the experiences of a coach who has coached U9-U19 age groups (competitive club and high school teams), and comprehensive coverage of coaching soccer.


In Man the Soccer Player Homo Passiens you will discover the truth—that Homo passiens is the missing link in human evolution. That Homo sapiens is a recently arrived imposter in the evolution of the genus Homo—a charlatan, a fraud, a villain, a quack! That all the academic stuff about consciousness, language, science, and so on, emanating exclusively from (and created by) Homo sapiens is evolutionary hogwash!


Your Best Abs is revolutionary in its approach, but the research behind its benefits has been around for years. The premise is simple: Train the abs as they are designed to work, not by doing crunches and sit-ups, but by properly bracing the core. The purpose of the abs is to resist spinal extension—to brace and hold, not to push and pull.


The Soccer Coach’s Blueprint, it’s all about a strength and more. To build a strong team, you must start with a strong foundation. But where to go from there? Every coach needs a blueprint she or he can follow to form a structurally sound coaching philosophy. The Soccer Coach’s Blueprint has the plan all coaches need.


Have you dreamed of crossing a finish line but have no idea how to get from now to the starting line? Do you have a secret goal you’’re terrified to tackle? Courage to Tri will inspire you and give you practical tools to approach your first race with confidence. Even if you’ve never done anything athletic, completing a triathlon is within reach–if you put in the time and effort to “try.”