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Athletes need to train their minds just as much as the body, so do people who just want to stay fit. It’s easy to find excuses and stay at home, but with Jeff Galloway’s mental training strategies you will find yourself staying motivated and setting and reaching new goals in no time.

You will find many useful tips on dealing with stress in Mental Training for Runners. Jeff Galloway describes typical everyday situations and how to go out and run even if your brain is making up excuses. Jeff explains drills to help you rehearse a good response to those excuses so that over time you will change your habits; he presents training tools that will lower your stress and help you learn to set realistic goals.


To Choose Your College Major in A Day you will need to understanding your direction, your personality type, the marketplace for careers, and your strongest skills.  You don’t have to read every page of this book to help you analyse all of this information and choose a college major that suits your needs.  It is designed to offer each student the tools they need to make their own choice.


Browse the 46 lists of high-paying occupations in Your Guide to High-Paying Careers and see which job choices have the best pay, the best outlook, or are the best fit for your personality. Then explore further by digging into a gold mine of facts about each occupation and its specializations.