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Let Cruising in Seraffyn Tribute Edition introduce you to a special world. The first of a four-book series, it is full of the sights, sounds and people of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and the islands of the Atlantic Ocean.

Read how Lin and Larry built their wooden 24-foot engineless cutter and set off hoping for a few months of true freedom in spite of limited finances. Share their excitement as they learn how to earn as they go and sail ever further afield.


As Long As It’s Fun: The Epic Voyages and Extraordinary Times of Lin and Larry Pardey covers two hundred thousand miles of cruising life under sail.  In that time Lin and Larry Pardey have demonstrated that the dream of voyaging over the horizon is not only attainable, it’s also affordable.


This fourth edition of The Care and Feed of Sailing Crew incorporates ideas and information gathered by Lin and Larry during their more recent and the majority of chapters have been expanded to include the most up-to-date information on sources, supplies, additional recipes and cooking ideas and new technology. Relevant for all sailors who venture away from home, be it for a weekend cruise to nearby islands or a voyage around the world.


“When it comes to the subject of capable cruising, the Pardeys have literally and figuratively written the book on it.  The lessons they’ve learned after tens of thousands of miles at sea are hard-earned, clearly imparted, and totally invaluable.” – Herb McCormick, Cruising World


In Seraffyn’s European Adventures you will join Lin & Larry Pardey on the southwest coast of England, where they coasted eastward, stopping where fancy held them, where good friends were made, to winter at Poole, and work to pay for the next leg of the voyage – the Baltic in the spring.


VIDEO – Cruising Has No Limits lets you join Lin and Larry Pardey as they recount some of their most memorable adventures during more than 30 years of cruising. Sail with them across the Indian Ocean on board 29-foot, 9-inch Taleisin. Learn how they planned and executed a seven-month “Champagne Safari on a Beer Budget,” outfitting a 4X4 to reach remote corners of southern Africa. Share their memories of campfire evenings with Kalahari Bushmen, life in a sculptors’ commune in Zimbabwe’s northern reaches, and days of animal-watching at waterholes far from game reserves. Then voyage onward with them to Brazil, and sail north through the Atlantic to Ireland’s music-filled shores and a summer of history, classic sailing, and friendship.


VIDEO – In Storm Tactics DVD, they take you well out to sea and demonstrate methods to help you bring your boat and crew safely through storms with your gear and dreams intact. The Pardey’s use this visually explicit medium to demonstrate the technical details of storm tactics for both modern and classic boats, and they show you how you can adapt their ideas for your own use.


Taleisin’s Tales reflects back to the first miles Lin and Larry Pardey gained together on their second boat; one they built lovingly with teak carvel planking over sawn black locust frames. The book begins with the boat launch and the transition from their cherished Seraffyn, and includes details from outfitting, provisioning and final detailing during the early months Lin and Larry spent getting to know their new bluewater cruiser, as well as moments of melancholy as they let go of attachments to their first trusty boat that took them around the world. Taleisin’s Tales takes the reader through those initial cautious 1000 coastal miles between California and the Sea of Cortez.


Larry Pardey is widely recognized as one of the master craftsmen of the wooden-boat building world. Details of Classic Boat Construction shows the process with extensive photographs and drawings and includes ample time-saving procedures. Covering topics that range from financial and time planning, lofting, building floors and framing, selecting of materials, planking and spiling, hull design, and from deck beams to man-hour norms, and details critical to wooden-boat construction.


Voyaging with Kids will instruct you on choosing a boat that is right for your family, keeping children safe, healthy and entertained afloat. It is an inspirational and comprehensive guide written by three authors, who have each voyaged thousands of miles with children on board, provide a factual and balanced look at the realities of family life on the sea.  A unique bonus chapter, written by a dozen former cruising kid,s looks at the long-term effects of breaking away from shoreside normalcy.