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Journey into the past and experience the wonder of discovering Indian artifacts.

In Homes and Haunts of the Indians, you will discover that centuries ago many Native-Americans lived throughout New York and New Jersey–and today you can still find signs of their presence. Albert H. Heusser, a native of Paterson, New Jersey, shows how and where to look for the artifacts that still remain, and the simple pleasures of identifying and collecting them.


Life in Sing Sing takes you behind the iron bars of one of America’s most notorious prisons.
On February 11, 1897, Number 1500 went “up the river” to serve over six years in prison. In Life in Sing Sing, he takes you inside the stone walls to see first-hand what it was really like to be incarcerated there. You’ll find out about the day-to-day experience of prison life, with chapters on diet, discipline, famous prisoners, executions, escapes, and much more.


In My Autobiography, S.S. McClure’s story is shared. It is a true American rags-to-riches tale. Born into near-poverty in Ireland, McClure immigrated to Indiana with his mother when he was still a boy.  After growing up on a farm in the Midwest, he moved to New York City and launched McClure s Magazine, one of the most influential American publications of all time.


Colonial Days in Old New York is a treasure trove of facts about the life and times of the American colonists and the birth of our nation. 
Renowned historian and bestselling author, Alice Morse Earle provides a vivid portrait of the daily lives of America’s early settlers in Colonial Days in Old New York. From childhood to old age, from courtship and weddings to crime and punishment, from what they ate and drank to sports and entertainment, you ll discover what life was really like in America’s colonial era. With a mix of anecdotes and intimate details, Earle brings America’s bygone days to life.


Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has forever made the locale immortal in American history. In Chronicles of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, historian Edgar Mayhew Bacon brings the world of early America to life with true tales about The Old Dutch Church (the setting for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow), Sunnyside, and the area’s role in the American Revolution. Also included is a chapter of Myths and Legends and the story of The Headless Hessian.