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In All About Helen Keller, early readers will learn fascinating facts about this remarkable woman. Helen Keller was not always deaf and blind. She was born a healthy baby girl, but after a serious infection as a toddler, she lost both her hearing and sight. Doctors told her parents that she would never make anything of herself in a hearing and seeing world. Determined, her parents ignored the doctors and enrolled their daughter in Perkins School for the Blind, where she met her life-long companion Anne Sullivan.


Written by award winning journalist Mark Newman Yankee Legends covers the entire history of the franchise using highlights both little known and world famous. Order now through December 16th to receive in time for Christmas.


In A Team Makes a Miracle: Doug Pederson and the Philadelphia Eagles’ Journey to the Super Bowl, author Turron Davenport, looks at the path Doug Pederson, and the franchise as a whole, took during their incredible rise to Super Bowl Champions! Order now through December 16th to receive in time for Christmas.


You have an idea. It’s the perfect story to tell children and hold their undivided attention. You pull up the computer screen and stare. Here’s where Writing Children’s Books is the perfect book for you.

Far too many prospective children’s authors get stuck on the fundamental (and universal) question of all writers—Where do I start?  That’s simply because they’re unsure about the nature of the children’s book market and the skills necessary for literary success.  Writing Children’s Books answers the plight of these writers by providing proven strategies and insider information.  


In Fighting for Life, you will learn of the life of Jake LaMotta. He was the one-time middleweight champion of the world who competed in more than a hundred professional fights. Forced as a youth to fight for money, LaMotta emerged to make boxing a profession. LaMotta was a wildly popular fighter in his home Bronx, New York. He was nicknamed the Bronx Bull for the heart he showed in the ring and his ability to go toe-to-toe with slicker boxers.


We all love cats. Well maybe not all of us, probably about half the population, or a bit less, like maybe a quarter of the population loves cats, maybe not quite that many, but a bunch of people love cats. There’s something about cats that folks who love them find very catty and cute, cute, cute. Cattiness: Some Cats are Jerks is about all of that


Reality television: a loaded phrase if ever there was one. To some, it connotes trash: Snooki, Honey Boo-Boo, the Kardashians. People who are pathetic, immoral and disgusting. To others, it says irresistible entertainment: passion, hilarity, love and obsession. Harsh Reality takes you on a real-world ride that goes beyond the scenes and meets real people.


The 50 Greatest Players in Indians History examines the careers of the fifty men who made the greatest impact on one of the American League’s most historic franchises. Using as measuring sticks the degree to which they impacted the fortunes of the team and the levels of statistical compilation and overall dominance they attained while wearing an Indians uniform, sports historian Robert W. Cohen ranks, from one to fifty, the top fifty players in the team’s history.


Notorious 92 recounts murders from each of Indiana’s 92 counties. With almost one murder every day of the year in Indiana, violent crime is no stranger to the Hoosier state and has not escaped the heartland of America. And while Indiana is the nations sixteenth largest state by population, it has often stolen national headlines with astonishing crimes that defy imagination. It seems it always has been so. Notorious 92 looks back to crimes in each of the states 92 counties as old as the nineteenth century to reveal a side of the states history not taught in fourth grade history classes. Notorious 92 also considers the suffering and the resolve of Indiana families and communities in responding to ugly incidents in their midst that are sometimes just too incredible not to talk about. From marital and financial problems to substance abuse and racial hostilities, generations of Hoosiers are linked by not only the lands they inhabit, but by the demons they face.


In All About Steve Wozniak young readers, ages 9 – 14 years, will learn all about the other “Apple” guy. Computers are a part of our every day life from our phones to our refrigerators. As a forth grader, Steve Wozniak had computers figured out. Steve, nicknamed “Woz” always had a curiosity and appreciation of electronics and engineering. When he and Steve Jobs teamed up to form Apple Computer Company, they changed the way people around the world used computers forever.