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Summer Wind: The Vietnam Letters of Richard “Dick” Wolfe is the fascinating and heartbreaking story of Indiana soldier, Dick Wolfe. His account was preserved in scores of letters he sent home to family, and letters friends sent to him in Vietnam from July 1967 to early January of 1968. On the rare days Wolfe spent at relatively large base camps in Vietnam, he penned long, detailed letters to his wife, mother, and friends. Most of his correspondence held little back as it was written in brief snatches in a tent-covered hole by the light of a single candle at primitive night defensive positions. 


In Diamonds from the Dugout, baseball stars were asked the question: What hit meant the most to you and why? It was a simple question of nine words, a magical number in baseball, and it led award-winning sportswriter Mark Newman on an eight-year journey that would bring about surprising stories and empowering life lessons from the minds of the most fabled Major League hitters in our time.


It’s not every day you meet a female mortician, and especially not one who’s both  beautiful and single. In Cold Snap, the third book in the A Mary Christmas Mystery series, Mary finds herself at the center of another strange murder investigation as she tries to navigate her budding romance with police officer, Lance Free man.


As a mountain climbing guide, it is Vern Tejas’s job to climb the tallest mountain on each continent. Always rebellious, Tejas never met a challenge he couldn’t overcome, even the daunting task of climbing Mount Everest. In fact, he climbed all of the tallest mountains on each of the seven continents more than ten times each. In his story, Seventy Summits you will read about the beauty, danger, and surprising freedom of mountain climbing and what it has given him throughout his life.


Far too many new teachers get stuck on the fundamental and universal question of all educators—where do I begin? It is a challenge faced thousands of times by thousands of new teachers every year. In this captivating and highly practical book, (which builds on the success of the critically acclaimed Ace Your Teacher Interview and Ace Your Teacher Resume) award-winning author and teacher, Anthony D. Fredericks offers real-world guidelines, fresh advice, and down-to-earth tips from numerous principals, superintendents, and teachers around the country. In Ace Your First Year Teaching, Fredericks provides you with useful and applicable tips and strategies that will make your first year go by smoothly.


Fifty years went by before The Houston Astros had a Hall of Fame inductee. Then Craig Biggio became their first. Two years later Jeff Bagwell emerged as another inductee. Biggio and Bagwell are arguably the two most influential and memorable players in Astro history. When they showed up in the last 1980s, the team entered its “Golden Age.” Biggio and Bawell were National League All-Stars who own most of the club’s hitting records. They helped lead the team to their first ever, and only, World Series game.


While a historian stands firmly planted in the present and looks back into the past, a historical novelist has a more immediate task: to set readers in the midst of bygone events and lead them forward, allowing them to live and feel the wonderment, fear, hope, triumph, and pain as if they were there.

Learning historical stories is easy, creating stories based in history is not.

In Once Upon a Time It Was Now, best-selling author James Alexander Thom (Follow the River, From Sea to Shining Sea, Sign-Talker) gives you the tools you need to research and create stories born from the past that will move and inspire modern readers.


Do you love the challenge of a good crossword puzzle? What about doing searches with wordfinds and trivia questions? Well, if you love working these games, you will love the new Kentucky Crosswords book by Dale Ratermann. You can test your knowledge of Kentucky and the people who made it famous by indulging yourself in this fun-filled book. Inside these pages you will find interesting facts about people like President Abraham Lincoln, the legendary Muhammed Ali, and the sharp Diane Sawyer. Puzzles include crosswords, word searches, and trivia. But that’s not all; there are also photos of the great state of Kentucky and much more. You will enjoy hours of fun with Kentucky Crosswords. The puzzles and games are created appropriate for all ages. These brainteasers and games cover a range of fascinating topics. If you love sports, it’s in there. If you are interested in Kentucky government, you will find it there. From big cities to rural hamlets this book has the information. And don’t forget Kentucky’s famous horse racing, bourbon distilleries and bluegrass music.


In a long awaited comeback, the Chicago Cubs finally broke their losing streak by winning the 2016 World Series. After 108 years, the Cubs basked in their victory at Wrigley Field. In The 50 Greatest Players in Chicago Cubs History, Robert Cohen continues the excitement by celebrating the fifty best players the Cubs have ever had. In this fascinating collection of biographies, statistics, and quotes, a well-defined system is used to rank the players. Memorable players like Ernie Banks, Andre Dawson, Ron Santo, and Ryne Sandberg are all included. This book is sure to spark debate among Cubs fans about who should really be number one.


A team with thousands of enthusiastic fans, the Los Angeles Dodgers are hard to ignore. The 50 Greatest Players in Dodgers History, will be a perennial favorite. Looking to win the pennant under the direction of their manager, Dave Roberts, the Dodgers hope to rewrite their current standings in baseball history. With former professional athletes and personalities such as Jackie Robinson, Don Drysdale, Duke Snider, Roy Campanella, Greg Maddux, Kirk Gibson, Adrian Gonzalez, and Clayton Kershaw, the Los Angeles Dodgers have continuously generated a following that has few rivals in professional sports starting when they were the Brooklyn Dodgers.