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Puzzle fans across America have asked for more, so here it is: Ohio Crosswords, 3rd Edition. This edition includes all new puzzles and trivia. You will also find much more state history and fun facts than before. Puzzle topics include sports, government, big cities, rural hamlets, famous Buckeyes and more.


How well do you know the Hoosier state?  Here’s a way you can test your Indiana knowledge and learn a few new bits and pieces of information along the way. Indiana Crosswords, 3rd Edition is a fun collection of puzzles and trivia from the Midwestern mecca of corn and basketball. This book contains puzzles with topics such as famous Hoosiers, Indiana wildlife, Hoosier sports, Indiana crime, Indiana festivals and Indy racing.


Jack Grout: A Legacy in Golf tells the remarkable story of a middle-class Oklahoman who discovered golf at the age of eight, was teaching it to others by age fifteen, and who would travel the ragtag early PGA Tour in drafty automobiles with men who became legends of the game: Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, Gene Sarazen and many others. Those tough days on the Tour led Jack Grout to a series of club-professional jobs, and eventually, into the orbit of a husky ten-year old redhead named Jackie Nicklaus the youngster who, under Grout’s tutelage for thirty-nine years, became golf’s greatest champion, the mighty Golden Bear.


“How do I write a resume and cover letter that will grab the attention of a school administrator and get me an interview?” This is a question that’s asked thousands of times by potential teachers every year.  The answer to that question is in this book. Ace Your Teacher Resume (and Cover Letter) is a captivating and highly practical book. In it, award-winning author and teacher, Anthony D. Fredericks offers real-world guidelines on how to build the perfect teacher resume, which also includes cover letters.


There are various scientific health benefits for people who practice yoga and meditation. The Science of Meditation, Yoga, and Prayer explores and explains them. This book merges eastern practices of well-being with western science to produce a perfect blend of science, meditation, yoga and prayer.

Yoga has been demonstrated through scientific research to be a superior form of exercise for overall well-being and combatant of stress. Daily stress is nothing new and everyone experiences at some point. Chronic stress increases oxidative stress in the human body, which is related to many illnesses including heart attacks and strokes. Yoga and meditation are some of the most effective ways to relieve such stress.


Fire in the Water tells about Paddy Quinn, the famous one-armed war correspondent. He is on what would be his final Civil War assignment: the funeral of the assassinated President Lincoln.

Quinn and his new bride Felice are aboard the steamboat Sultana going up the spring-flooded Mississippi River toward Illinois to meet the Funeral Train, when their honeymoon vessel stops at Vicksburg. The Sultana takes on a pathetic human cargo of 2,000 sick and ragged survivors of the hellish Andersonville prisoner-of-war camp. This motley group of prisoners are kept alive only by their desire to get home. Quinn’s lot is now thrown in with some of the unluckiest veterans of that awful war.


A Golden Bond is Angela Demetrious’ story. Her life as the daughter of Greek immigrants was normal, carefree and innocent – until she was suddenly forced to grow up. The tale begins with a backdrop from the mid-1950’s in Indianapolis, a city still being developed and still considered sleepy. Angie and her friends begin their senior year of high school. Angie, the daughter of Greek immigrants, was already looking ahead to its end when she will have earned the right to wear the class ring. A ring that was not so easy to attain or hold onto. Angie’s life is thrown off-course with events taking place outside of her control. Angie’s golden ring becomes a symbol of that independence and a motivation for her future. But just days after receiving her cherished ring, it is snatched from her grasp.


As one of America’s most versatile of the Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin began his career in his brother s printing press. He was known for his great printing skills. He ran and wrote articles for The New England Courant, the first “newspaper” in Boston. Running the Courant showed Ben that he could handle the responsibility or running a press without the help of his brother, James. He is credited with the creation of Poor Richard s Almanac.

Ben Franklin’s daring scientific discoveries which included the conductivity of electricity, performed by flying a kite in a storm, progressed society significantly. We still use some of his inventions today like bifocals, lightning rods, and the American public library system.


In All About Sir Edmund Hillary children will learn about the life and adventures of this amazing and interesting man.

Born in 1919, he grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and grew to be very tall at 6 foot 2 inches. Explorer and adventurer, Sir Edmund Hillary, spent his life climbing the tallest mountains in the world. He loved to explore and that passion would lead to great accomplishments.


In All About Frederick Douglass, readers ages 9 – 13 years of age will learn about Frederick Douglass.

Frederick Douglass was born into slavery, but successfully escaped to the north in 1832 after teaching himself to read and write.

He became a masterful lecturer for the American Anti-Slavery Society and dedicated his life to equality. His writing helped him spread his ideas of justice, and he wrote three autobiographies, which were wildly successful around the world.