Bowman Fabricated the Story on Pollard

A recent story that appeared on the Internet, written by Mark Perry with the title “Pollard release plan irks US security establishment,” gives the reader a glimpse of the animus by many in the intelligence community toward US civilian Naval Intelligence analyst turned Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard.

Writes Perry, “Current and former U.S. officials opposed to Pollard’s release don’t accept his portrayal by the Israelis and other supporters as an Israeli patriot, noting that Pollard is a U.S. citizen convicted of betraying his country’s secrets in exchange for cash.”

Not true, but as Mark Twain famously said, “Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.” “If it were up to me, this man would never see the light of day,” said M.E. “Spike” Bowman, a former senior FBI, National Security Agency and Navy intelligence official who had a key role in the investigation and prosecution of Pollard. Insists Bowman: “From June 1984 until his arrest in 1985, Pollard supplied nearly 200,000 intelligence documents to his Israeli contacts. The material included some of the most sensitive material ever passed to a foreign government, including the 10-volume Radio and Signal Intelligence (RASIN) Manual, outlining U.S. signals and satellite capabilities — what intelligence officers refer to as sources and methods or, more commonly, the crown jewels. “At the height of his operation, Pollard was removing two briefcases full of documents every night, delivering them to the Israelis for copying and then returning them to his office the next day.” “The number of documents he took, by his own admission, would fill a space six feet by six feet and then 10 feet high,” Bowman added. “Pollard gave the Israelis anything and everything they wanted. Eventually, they were just providing him with lists of what they wanted and needed, and he would get it.” 

Bowman fabricated the story on Pollard. As I note in Spy of David, most of this is accurate; however the part about Pollard’s taking the RASIN manuals is a total fabrication. A high level intelligence source of mine responded to Bowman’s charges. “Bowman was not an ‘intelligence official’, only a lawyer for NCIS, and was the principle author of the ‘Weinberger Memo’ which has recently been declassified and discredited,” my source told me. “As to the RASIN manual, even the NSA personnel who work with it every day are not allowed to have more than one volume at a time. Israel was given about one third of the manual and Pollard certainly did not have access to it, much less turn all 10 volumes over to Israel.”

~ Elliot Goldenberg, author of Spy of David

Now, twenty-five years later, the debate over America’s most controversial spy has again been rekindled.

Now, twenty-five years later, the debate over America’s most controversial spy has again been rekindled.





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